Katarina Mazetti

Katarina Mazetti began her career as a teacher and gradually moved into broadcast journalism. She is a prize-nominated author, commentator, musician, poet and producer of ‘Freja’, a programme for women on Swedish Radio.

Books by Katarina Mazetti

<a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/benny-and-shrimp"><strong>Benny and Shrimp</strong></a><br /><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/benny-and-shrimp" class="plain-link">In alternate chapters, <em>Benny and Shrimp</em> tell the story of a love that started by mistake in a village cemetery, a love that should not really be as complicated as it seems.</a><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/benny-and-shrimp"><img  src="https://shortbooks.co.uk/wp-content/themes/outreach/images/transparentgif.gif" border="0" width="160px" height="244px" alt="" /></a>