Kate Morris

Kate Morris is a freelance writer, author of two novels – including The Seven Year Itch (Penguin, 2009) – and the mother of two children. She writes a marriage column for Life in the Times and lives in West London.

Books by Kate Morris

<a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/seven-days-one-summer"><strong>Seven Days One Summer</strong></a><br /><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/seven-days-one-summer" class="plain-link">Everything’s set for the holiday of a lifetime; but as the week progresses, and tensions rise in the August heat, relationships unravel, old rivalries re-emerge, and uncomfortable truths have to be faced...</a><a href="https://shortbooks.co.uk/book/seven-days-one-summer"><img  src="https://shortbooks.co.uk/wp-content/themes/outreach/images/transparentgif.gif" border="0" width="160px" height="244px" alt="" /></a>